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Northwest ISD Notes on Advocacy Articles



#1 - Advocacy Mosaic

small packages of support from different corners of the school

strategic "small wins"

clear overall picture

reputation - passed on

work with receptive teachers

advocates - should be people who have the respect of decision-makers


#2 - The Danger of General Advocacy

principals think locally

each building different - help them see bigger picture, too

be specific - consider culture of school


#3 - District-wide Advocacy Campaign, Part 1

steps to advocacy

creating a vision - systematic plan - proactive

focus on student achievement - see the list!

vision should be brief

aligning w/district goals

be strategic - clear -

voice - consistent message - share with whom? - who speaks?

(Don't scream!) - delivery is important - energy not aggression


who should be advocating for the plan?

stakeholders (not just librarians) - remember the community

use it to promote library - connect to curriculum - keep updated and current!

Web site/email signatures and more


#4 - District-wide Advocacy Campaign, Part 2

Visibility - high profile

Physical - f2f  and virtual

District-level committees - use expertise of library cadre

Include something that moves on your Web site

Samples of student work


Input from many sources - especially students

Vibrant, happy face on virtual presence

Vision statement on every school library Web site in addition to walls


Doug Johnson

Every librarian should have a library advisory committee.



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